In 1916, 9 years after the Scouting movement began on Brownsea Island, Rev. Ridgeway of St. John's Church in Mansfield began a Cub Scout pack on Broomhill Lane, Mansfield. A succession of curates and leaders kept the pack going but the true resurrection came with the appointment in 1931 as the vicar of St. John's of the Rev. K. B. Frampton, or ‘Frambo’ as he became known. Frambo was very keen to exercise and the back lawn of the vicarage soon became the scene of touch rugby, P.T and other sports. They used the garage attached to the house on Broomhill Lane and as the size of the troop increased they also used 3 cottages on Wood Street. One of these was used as a store for baling newspapers for the war effort. In 1934, the troop began their Friday night swimming sessions at Sherwood Baths. A season ticket could be purchased for 50p. The Scouts gained an excellent reputation for swimming and gained many awards at the local galas. Today, the Scouts still attend the Baths on a Friday night where they train and practice canoeing. In 1946, the troop became Sea Scouts and this was recognised with 3 boats at Gunthorpe. The Scouts had to move several times and after a massive fundraising effort a new building was erected on land purchased at Devon Drive. The building officially opened in 1971 and is still in use by the group today. Jack Webster became Group Scout Master and Norman Dudley, one of the first Cub Scouts in the group was presented with the Medal of Merit for services to Scouting. The troop increased in size and a boat named Framack (derived from Frambo and Jack) and a bus were acquired. Today they number around 80 with more than 15 staff. Jack received his medal of merit, plus a Bar to his medal and a silver acorn, presented to him by the Queen in a St. George's day parade at Windsor.

The Group continues to thrive to this day under the leadership of GSL Tony Ramsdale. We pride ourselves on the extensive use of outdoor pursuits in the training of the Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers. We have our own fleet of kayaks, sailing dinghies and a rowing boat for our Sea Scout training, but are also heavily into hiking, rock climbing and air rifle shooting as well as the normal Scouting activities. To maintain the level of training through outdoor pursuits needs a massive income from fundraising, donations and the continued commitment of the Scouting Staff and supporters of 5th Mansfield.

5th Mansfield (St. John's) Pathfinders known as 5th Mansfield Sea Scout Group
is a registered charity in England & Wales with registration number 522439.